Generating drum loops using the Wave-U-Net conditioned on intuitive parameters.

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LoopNet: Musical Loop Synthsis Conditioned on Intuitive Musical Parameters

Pritish Chandna, António Ramires, Xavier Serra, Emilia Gómez

On this website, we present audio examples of our drum loop synthesis models. The code to replicate these results is available at our Github Repository, and an interactive Jupyter Notebook is available at Google Colab

Reconstruction of sounds from the test set

In this section, we show how the different models behave when recreating loops from the test set. These loops were not included in the training of the models.

Ground Truth Sound Sound resynthesized with Griffin-Lim Sound synthesized with STFT model Sound synthesized with WAV model Sound synthesized with WAVSPEC model Sound synthesized with MULTI model Sound synthesized with MULTI NOENV model
Loop 1
Loop 2
Loop 3
Loop 4
Loop 5
Loop 6
Loop 7
Loop 8
Loop 9
Loop 10
Loop 11
Loop 12
Loop 13
Loop 14
Loop 15
Loop 16

Examples of Timbre Transfer

In this section, we show examples of combining the timbre of loops from our test set with the rhythm of others, using the MULTI_NOENV model.

Timbre Rhythm Generated Sound
Ex 1
Ex 2
Ex 3
Ex 4
Ex 5